The Peregrinus Epic Adventure

Peregrinus Forward

(Between Session 3 and Beta Test)

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away about 200 years in the future…

We were normal people, living normal (enough) lives as mercenaries for the Baldur’s Gate law enforcement group, the Flaming Fist. Then we heard the words that would change our lives forever: " Cult of the Dragon ". It was an evil group who were intent on raising undead dragons to rule the world and worship. It wasn’t enough just to resurrect dracoliches, though. They wanted everything and everyone to be undead. Not just in our world. In your world. In ALL the worlds. They almost succeeded too. We were investigating them, but it was too late. We were on the run when they destroyed almost everything we ever knew. There was one fateful fight in a cemetery, and a noble sacrifice that began us on our journey within the Peregrinus.

Then we learned that the Cult of the Dragon was part of a bigger, more sinister plot. It was so much more than a cult. It was an empire. And it was going to consume EVERY world, every galaxy, everything…unless we put a stop to it. So our ship brought us back in time, here, to this planet, 200 years in the past, to where it all began.

The Jade Katana.

You’ve heard of the Jade Katana, and you know we recovered it from the evil warlord, bringing an end to the famine and plague your planet had been experiencing. What you don’t know is that this was the birthplace of pure evil. His name is Buttons. Don’t be fooled by his innocent, butler appearance. He is evil and undead and evil a couple more times. What you don’t know is that the future as we knew it, no longer exists. Sure, there might still be Cult of the Dragon practitioners out there. We can almost guarantee that there are still bad people doing bad things on all planets, in all worlds.

But we stopped the destruction of the universe as we know it…this time. Buttons did not consume your planet, and then he (and his empire) did not go on to take over the world where our other selves are from. As far as we know, Faerûn exists like our other selves remember it. Baldur’s Gate stands; Waterdeep is intact; and the Flaming Fist goes on. The other planets, the other worlds, were not devoured, harvested, or drained…this time. We wish we could say we have stopped him for good, but we know better now. We have ‘killed’ him before, and we will have to ‘kill’ him again. He is still out there, as is his empire. And they are still seeking to destroy everything.

We have been called to a higher purpose. We are the ones who stand watch. We are the ones called to fight. We are the protectors. We stand between them…and you.



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