The Peregrinus Epic Adventure

Prologue to Session 4

(Between Beta Test and Session 4)

It has been a full Faerûn week since you brought the Jade Katana back to the people of Kendai, and you have enjoyed the peaceful moment of needed relaxation. The food of the planet is has a natural sweetness to it, and you find the people are a trusting society. Benaethor’s family has enjoyed a reputation as “lucky”. Their businesses now thrive.

Athelstan has been approached by the town leaders on several occasions to join their township. An offer shared by it citizens. Shop makers have adorned Athelstan with a fine set of native clothing that fills an average sized chest.

The crew of the Peregrinus have won, the plans of the Kuru Empire have been defeated not only on this planet of Octantis, but on their home world of Faerûn. The evil Buttons has been defeated, and exiled from the Empire. He now travels the cosmos in his massive ship the Umbra.

All is well.

Just before a sleep cycle, the people of Kendai have came back from their first successful hunt in years. Each carries a downed wart hog. You question eating a pig with scales, and a mandible on its face. After some goading by the citizens, you delight in the sweet flavor of the meat, which is cooked in honey with what looks like almonds. The ceremony begins to shift into high gear when for the first time in years the entire town begins to dance to the beat of the hunters drums.

Through the crowd, you see your friend Star-Blind. He is moving as fast as he can, apologizing as he bumps into excited dancers. His face is covered in perspiration, and you summarize he must have run the entire way from the ship where he has been spending his nights learning its functions. After some time, you see him clear enough that the look on his face brings you to your feet.

Breaking free of the crowd, he slows as he approaches the long dining table. He pushes some roasted pheasant aside, and lays down his personal communication crystal on the hard oaken table. In the heart of the crystal springs forth a see through illusion representation of the stars the size of a shield just overhead. The familiar voice of the Peregrinus comes from each of your personal communication crystals directly into your head.

It says, "A distress call has came to my attention from Administrator Eusseph Ramas of The Agon Minestry Complex on the fourth planet of the neighboring Balha system. This planet [Balha IV] is a terraformed haven for only one religious colony, and my records show it has less than 700 citizens at present. The signal is limited, stating they are under attack. Their shielding has been breached, and the electromagnetic storms have begun destroying their shelters. Their signal isn’t strong enough to make the more civilized outlining systems. We are the only one hearing their plea."



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