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  • Peregrinus Session 2

    We are streaking through the galaxy, space, and time with our fearless [[:star-blind | Star-Blind]] at the helm...until the [[Peregrinus Ship | ship]] shakes and streaks and it becomes apparent we need repairs. We enter into the restricted space of [[ …

  • Ambrus Valsin

    Ambrus Valsin is the station manager for Absalon Station. [[File:415139 | class=media-item-align-center | Absalon-Ambrus_Valsin.jpg]]

  • Amenopheus

    Amenopheus is the trusted advisor of Dramdirt Salhar, a rich and influential man in Absalon Station. Salhar has ancestral vaults (from which Paracountess Dralneen borrowed a 7-lock box) but also in which he keeps multiple chests and keys. [[File: …

  • Gilga Baltwin

    Gilga Baltwin ("Auntie Baltwin") is the Headmistress of Auntie Baltwin's Home for Recovery, which is an orphanage. [[File:415132 | class=media-item-align-center | Absalon-Auntie_Baltwin.jpg]]

  • Guaril Karela

    Guaril Karela is the owner of the Pickled Imp, a macabre curio shoppe on the docks of Absalon Station. [[File:415134 | class=media-item-align-center | Absalon-Guaril_Karela.jpg]]

  • Paracountess Dralneen

    Paracountess Dralneen is an upper class citizen who lives in a townhouse in the Ivy District in Absalon Station. She borrowed a 7-lock box from the ancestral vaults of Salhar. She is misunderstood as a 'devil worshipper' and gives off an evil aura. …

  • Alista Zadrain

    Alista Zadrain is a healer at the Temple of the Shining Star in Absalon Station. [[File:415137 | class=media-item-align-center | Absalon-Zadrain.jpg]]

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