Umbra Ship

Kuru Harvester Ship – CORVETTE CLASS (PL 6)

Exterior of the Umbra


Type: Light
Subtype: Corvette
Size: Colossal (–8 size)
Tactical Speed: 3,500 ft. (7 sq.)
Length: 320 feet
Weight: 3,200 tons
Cargo Capacity: 150 tons
Crew: 16 (trained +4)
Passenger Capacity: 32

Defense: 7
Flat-footed Defense: 5
Autopilot Defense: 5
Targeting System Bonus: +3
Hardness: 30

Hit Dice: 40d20 (800 hp)
Base Purchase DC: 56
Initiative Modifier: + 4
Grapple Modifier: + 16
Pilot’s Class Bonus: + 3
Pilot’s Dex Modifier: + 2
Gunner’s Attack Bonus: + 2
Restriction: Military (+ 3)

Attack: 2 fire-linked fusion beams –3 ranged (15d8) and 2 fire-linked CHE missiles –8 ranged (9d12/19–20); or 2 fire-linked CHE missiles –3 ranged (9d12/19–20) and 2 fire-linked fusion beams –8 ranged (15d8)
Attack of Opportunity: Point-defense system +3 ranged (2d12×10)
Standard PL 6 Design Specs:
Engines: particle impulse engine, thrusters
Armor: Vanadium
Defense Systems: Autopilot system, improved damage control (3d10), magnetic field, point-defense system, radiation shielding
Sensors: Class III sensor array, targeting system
Communications: Laser transceiver, radio transceiver
Weapons: 2 fire-linked fusion beams (range incr. 3,000 ft.), 2 firelinked CHE missile launchers (8 missiles each)
Grappling Systems: Grapplers

The Umbra is a specially equipped with a specially designed particle impulse engine, and normal thrusters. This is the personal ship of the being known as Buttons. Like the Peregrinus, it is marked for death by the Kuru Empire for having failed in its mission to prepare Octantis for Harvesting. The ship contains the same time and space stellar drive as the Peregrinus. Little is known about the ship’s crew, as the Peregrinus scanners only gave limited information. One thing is for sure: Buttons is in the same condition as our intrepid adventurers aboard the Peregrinus; and the two hunted ships will surely find themselves in similar environments looking for provisions and work.

Umbra Ship

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